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'Shadi Vahidi' is an Iranian musician,composer,vocalist, Radif-teacher(Iranian classical music),music teacher, and Tar and Setar instrumentalist and improviser and Orff teacher .

Work Biography

Shadi Vahidi commenced to learn playing the Piano under her father's supervision since childhood. In her teens she learned the Setar and Tar under the supervision of [Manouchehr Abdollahi] and Kamal Rezaie, afterwards studied Radif Mirza Abdolah under supervision of Azar Zargarian at the University of Arts, simultaneously studied solfeggio and gained knowledge of Avaz techniques and voice-producing and also she learned Persian traditional vocal Avaz. Then she studied Radif of Mirza Hossein-Qoliand Ali-Akbar Shahnazi and composition of Iranian forms under supervision of Dariush Pirniakan for ten years.After that she attended class under supervision of maestro Mohammad-Reza Lotfi,at the same time accompanied Shayda Ensemble under supervision of maestro Lotfi.


Shadi has performed with various ensembles during her working years . The most important work of Shadi is " Instant of love " (2009) studio album , which was published in Iran . In this album, which is based on the lyrics of Saadi Shirazi,she has performed as a singer,composer,Tar and Setar instrumentalist . Shadi has emigrated to Armenia in 2015 and has several collaborations and accompanying with Armenian honored artists such as Levon Tevanyan ، Vardan Baghdasaryan, Karen Avajyan، Georgi Minasov... and created a lot of combinatoric songs of Armenian and Iranian music. Shadi is also an Orff teacher and she has published a book for children (The songs of animals) which is involves nursery rhyme with sheet music .



Shadi has performd with various ensembles during her working years , most remarkable:

  • Sheyda ensemble under the supervision of Mohamadreza Lotfi
  • Moshtagh ensemble under the supervision of Khosro Amerifar
  • Kavyan ensemble under the supervision of Hamid Soltanie
  • Duet of the Tar&Piano with Mehdi Rafati
  • Honare-game-zaman-album-Mohamadreza-Lotfi

She also published a lot of single tracks as follows:

  • Cover of Marmare-roya song (Marzie)
  • Cover of Hov arek song ( Komitas )
  • Cover of Goftam ghame to daram song (Mohamadreza Lotfi)
  • Cover of Bihamzaban (Mohamadreza Shajarian)
  • Cover of Bahare delkash (Darvish khan)
  • Journey
  • Shoghe masti
  • Fale Hafez



Shadi Vahidi

"Sorrow-of-love" is one of the songs of "Instant of love" album which Shadi has composed in 2012 and has published with a different arrangement with Armenian musicians accompaniment. This video is directed by Garik Torosyan in Lovers Park and North Avenue in Yerevan Armenia

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Shadi Vahidi

Spring's-odor has been composed by Shadi to felicitate the Iranian new year 2019. This music video has been recorded in Ashtarak valley,Armenia.

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